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Awards & Exhibitions 

Voted Best Local Artist 2020 - Coeur d'Alene Business Journal

"Best of CDA"

Awarded Programming Instructor of the Year 2019 Salvation Army Kroc Center 
S T U D I O 1 0 7  A R T  G A L L E R Y  

C O E U R D ' A L E N E 

2012 - Current

Featured Artist for CDA Art Walk:  Aug 2017, June 2016, August 2015,  

June 2013, December 2013, Nov 2010 

B A K E R Y  B Y  T H E  L A K E     C O E U R D ' A L E N E 
2013 - Current Continuous Solo Exhibit 
N O R T H E R N  Q U E S T  C A S I N O  R E S O R T      S P O K A N E 
2014 - Current Featured Artist June 2014 Vendor for both Resort Gift stores  
R O C K E T  B A K E R Y    S P O K A N E 
May 2017 Solo Exhibit - Art Walk Featured Artist 
A D D I T I O N A L : 

Utility Box Public Art Display - Coeur d' Alene Art Commission 

Keeping Our Lake Clean Awareness Street Art Commission - City of Coeur d'Alene

Angel Wings Mural - Coeur d' Alene Carousel Foundation
Embers By the Lake Restaurant - Permanent Display in dining room including murals

Pilgrims Market - Café Wall Permanent Display - Department Signs Permanent Display - Produce Dept. Installation - Coeur d' Alene
Liberty Lake Winery August 2016 Solo Exhibit  
Vine & Olive Restaurant - Coeur d'Alene November 2017 Hand Lettering Interior Walls  
Studio 107 - Coeur d'Alene September 2016 Exterior Mural

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