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You and your guests will discover the joy of painting in the comfort of your home. Perfect for children's birthday parties, holiday parties, or just a fun evening with friends.

What is included:

Me of course! In addition to my step by step instruction, price includes: canvases, water cups, paint brushes, paint, paper towels and pallets. I supply everything you'll need to create your master pieces! 

Minimum/ Maximum Party Size:    Minimum Guests 5/ Maximum Guests 18*

*Exceptions for less than five can be made, but there will be a $75 minimum charge. Exceptions over 18 may be made, depending on age of group.


What you need to provide:

Tables and chairs with room for each guest to sit comfortably with a canvas, cup of water and pallet in front of them. Each guest needs to have a clear line of sight towards me and my canvas which will be located in whatever area is best for the layout of the room.


Length of class: Two hours from start to finish is the goal.

Subject matter:

I will work with you to find an image that fits your interests and/or theme of the event as well as the age and skill level of the group.

Counts: Final counts will need to be submitted no later than 2 days prior to the event. Final charge will be based upon final count.


Price:    $18 per child (16 and under)

              $20 per adult 


Pricing based on 11x14 canvases for kids and 12x16 canvases for adults


Finished products stay with party guests, all other materials including unused paint/canvases return with me.